The Executive Board of Matica Srpska carries out decisions of the Management Board and manages and coordinates the activities of departments and other bodies of Matica Srpska.
This body performs activities of Matica Srpska in accordance with the program and plan passed by the Management Board with focus on the preparation of annual and long term plans and programs of the activities and work of Matica Srpska.

The Executive Board decides on measures that are to implement established policies and work plans.

Professor Dagan Stanić, PhD, President

Professor Isidora Bjelaković, PhD
Professor PhD Jovan Delić, PhD
Rudolf Kastori, academician
Zoran Maksimović, PhD
Professor Milan Matavulj, PhD
Professor Milovan Mitrović, PhD
Milan Micić, PhD
Professor Ljiljana Pešikan Ljuštanović, PhD
Professor Vladimir Simić, PhD
Professor Srđan Šljukić, PhD
Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski. PhD
Professor Mati Pižurica, PhD
Selimir Radulović
Professor Zorica Hadžić, PhD