(CIP 75(082), ISSN 0352-6844 / UDK 7 (05) COBISS.SR-ID 16491778) The Department of Fine Arts was founded at the assembly meeting of Matica Srpska on the 31st of March 1963. All important events from the history of Serbian art as a whole have been the focus of the overall plan of the Department since the beginning. The publication Matica Srpska Journal of Fine Arts was established at the first meeting of the Board of the Department on the 26th of April 1963. Academician Dejan Medaković was named first Editor in Chief (1963-2000), and he edited the first 30 volumes of the Journal with his associates. Volumes 33-35 were edited by Academician Dinko Davidov. In 2006 a new editorial board was formed: Editor in Chief, Professor Aleksandar Kadijević, PhD, Members of the Editorial Board: Professor Miodrag Marković, PhD, Professor Lidija Merenik, PhD, Professor Nenad Makuljević, PhD, and Professor Kokan Grchev (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia). In 2011 the editorial board received two additional, international, highly esteemed members: Professor Rudolf Klein, PhD and Professor Bissera Pentcheva, PhD and four more members since 2012, Professor Ivan Stevović, PhD, Professor Aleksandar Ignjatović, PhD, Professor Srđan Marković, PhD and Associate Professor Dragan Damjanović, PhD (Zagreb, Croatia). The concept of the Journal, basically, is to form an arch from content extending from our medieval to contemporary and now even digital art. This means that it is neither bound by territory nor chronology. The Journal is open to authors of different scientific interests, associates in Serbia and in centers on the territory of former Yugoslavia, as well as to ones abroad. The Journal is contacted by a growing number of much esteemed associates from abroad. The Journal welcomes younger associates as well, who are given the opportunity to have their first scientific works published in the journal. The content of the Journal is organized in two sections; the first publishes articles, treatises and contributions while the second publishes reviews. When establishing the Contents of the Journal, texts are ordered chronologically depending on the topics the associates cover. Articles, treatises and contributions have abstracts, key words and summaries in foreign languages, in accordance with the authors’ decision, and a UDC number of the international bibliographical classification. The Journal is published once a year in a volume of 50 signatures. Every volume includes a name index and a geographical index and, through exchange, reaches approximately 100 libraries in the world. Matica Srpska Journal of Fine Arts since of March 29, 2016 is indexed on ERIH PLUS list of magazines (European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences), that, with it’s high sistem of valuation and strict criteria, gathers most respectable European magazines in the field of social-humanistic sciences.

The Editorial Board of the Matica Srpska Journal of Fine arts (named at a meeting of the Management Board on the 11th of May 2015):

ALEKSANDAR KADIJEVIĆ, editor in chief (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)

KOKAN GRCHEV (University American College Skopje)
NENAD MAKULjEVIĆ (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)
MIODRAG MARKOVIĆ (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)
LIDIJA MERENIK (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)
IVAN STEVOVIĆ (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)
RUDOLF KLEIN (Szent István University, Budapest)
BISSERA PENTCHEVA (Stanford University, USA)
ALEKSANDAR IGNJATOVIĆ (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture)
SRĐAN MARKOVIĆ (University of Nish – Faculty of Arts)
DRAGAN DAMJANOVIĆ (University of Zagreb – Faculty of Philosophy)


no.48, year 2020.
no.47, year 2019.
no.46, year 2018.
no.45, year 2017.
no.44, year 2016.
no.43, year 2015.
no.42, year 2014.
no.41, year 2013.
no.40, year 2012.
no.39, year 2011.
no.38, year 2010.
no.37, year 2009.
no.36, year 2008.

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