Proceedings of Matica Srpska for History publishes scientific papers from the field of history, auxiliary historical sciences and related humanistic and social disciplines. Papers published in the journal are categorized as follows: original scientific paper, review scientific paper, scientific critique and polemics, scientific bibliography. Apart from this, the journal publishes contributions such as retrospection, review and report from the scientific life and publishing. MSJH was initiated in 1970. Until the 28th notebook (1983) it was entitled Proceedings for History. So far, the editors-in-chief have been: academician Slavko Gavrilović (1970–2004), Prof. Dr. Vojin Dabić (2013–2017), Dr. Petar V. Krestić (2018–). At the head of the journal, there is the editorship comprised of domestic and foreign members. It  was categorized an M24 journal in 2022, within the framework of the scientific journals published by the Republic of Serbia (referred to in the Web of Science and in the journal Citation Report – JCR).

Proceedings of Matica Srpska for History is available in the open-access regime on the Journal’s site: [].

ISSN number 0352-5716;

The electronic access to the libraries in Serbia: []

The Editorial Board 2021–2024:

Editor in Chief:

Dr. Petar V. KRESTIĆ, principal research fellow, Institute of History, Belgrade.

Deputy Editor-in-chief:

Prof. Dr. Đorđe BUBALO, Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

Editorial Board Members:

Dr. Aleksandra NOVAKOV, research associate, Matica Srpska, Novi Sad;
Prof. Dr. Mira RADOJEVIĆ, corresponding member of The SASA; The Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University in Belgrade, Belgrade;
Dr. Srđan RUDIĆ, principal research fellow, Institute of History, Belgrade;
Dr. Aleksandar FOTIĆ, expert associate, Institute of History, Belgrade;
Prof. Dr. Đura HARDI, Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad;
Dr. Nebojša ŠULETIĆ, Institute for Balkan Studies, SASA, Belgrade.

Foreign members of the Editorial Board:

Prof. Dr. Gabor AGOŠTON, Georgetown University, Washington, The United States of America;
Dr. Maksim Jurjevič ANISIMOV, senior research associate, Institute for the History of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia;
Prof. Dr.  Rositsa Stefanova GRADEVA, American University, Sofia; Institute for the Balkan Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Dr. Ivan LAKOVIĆ, research associate, Department for the General History, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro.

Editorial Board Secretary:

Ljiljana Dražić, MSR

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