First published at a time when philological publications were not as varied as they are today, the Matica Srpska Journal of Slavic Studies (until 1984 Zbornik za slavistiku – Journal of Slavic Studies) was from the beginning a journal of Slavic philology, while other aspects of Slavic studies were less frequently represented in the Journal, mainly through chronicles of scientific life and scientific criticism. Within the problematics of Slavic philology special attention is devoted in the Matica Srpska Journal of Slavic Studies to Slavic literatures and their study in light of literary history, theory, interpretation, comparativism, reception, but also to Slavic languages observed individually or in various aspects of parallel, typological and contrastive studies. Likewise, the study of Slavic literature is encouraged in the Matica Srpska Journal of Slavic Studies in the context of Slavic and all other cultures with the use of contemporary multidisciplinary and methodological approaches.

The gradual divergence of the conceptual profile of the Matica Srpska Journal of Slavic Studies coincided with changes in the Editorial Board managed by Academician Milorad Živančević from 1970 to 1993; from this year to 1998 it was managed by Professor Miodrag Sibinović, PhD and from 1998 to 2012 by Academician Predrag Piper. The addition of Slavists with complementary research interests to the Board should yield a fuller representation of different branches of Slavic philology in the Matica Srpska Journal of Slavic Studies.

Editors in Chief:

From volume 1 to 43 Milorad Živančević, PhD;
from volume 44 to 53 Miodrag Sibinović, PhD;
from volume 54 to 82 Predrag Piper, PhD;
from volume 83 Kornelija Ičin, PhD.

Editorial Board of the Matica Srpska Journal of Slavic Studies:

Professor Kornelija Ičin, PhD, editor in chief,
Marta Bjeletić, PhD
Professor Nikolaĭ Alekseevich Bogomolov, PhD (Moscow)
Professor John Bolt, PhD (Los Angeles, USA)
Professor Michael Weiskopf, PhD (Jerusalem)
Professor Willem Weststeijn, PhD (Amsterdam)
Professor Dojčil Vojvodić, PhD
Professor Ronal Vroon, PhD (Los Angeles)
Professor Hans Ginter, PhD (Bilefeld)
Professor Zoran Đerić, PhD
Academician  Natalija Kornijenko, PhD (Moscow)
Assistant Professor Jaromir Linda, PhD
Professor Sinjiti Murata, PhD (Tokio)
Professor Ljudmila Popović, PhD
Professor Tanja Popović, PhD
Professor Ljubinko Radenković, PhD
Professor Igor Smirnov, PhD (Коnstanz)
Academician Andrej Toporkov, PhD (Moscow)
Academician Boris Andreyevich Uspensky, PhD (Rome – Моscow)

Associate: Julka Đukić e-mail:
Telephone/Fax 021 622-726, Telephone: 021 420-199, extension 132
Address of the Editorial Board: Matica srpska Zbornik Matice srpske za slavistiku
21000 Novi Sad Matice srpske 1


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