Proceedings of Matica Srpska for History publishes scientific papers from the field of history, auxiliary historical sciences and related humanistic and social disciplines. Papers published in the journal are categorized as follows: original scientific paper, review scientific paper, scientific critique and polemics, scientific bibliography. Apart from this, the journal publishes contributions such as retrospection, review and report from the scientific life and publishing. MSJH was initiated in 1970. Until the 28th notebook (1983) it was entitled Proceedings for History. So far, the editors-in-chief have been: academician Slavko Gavrilović (1970–2004), Prof. Dr. Vojin Dabić (2013–2017), Dr. Petar V. Krestić (2018–). At the head of the journal, there is the editorship comprised of domestic and foreign members. It  was categorized an M51 journal in 2020, within the framework of the scientific journals published by the Republic of Serbia (referred to in the Web of Science and in the journal Citation Report – JCR).

Proceedings of Matica Srpska for History is available in the open-access regime on the Journal’s site: [].

ISSN number 0352-5716;

The electronic access to the libraries in Serbia: []

The Editorial Board 2021–2024:

Editor in Chief:

Dr. Petar V. KRESTIĆ, principal research fellow, Institute of History, Belgrade.

Deputy Editor-in-chief:

Prof. Dr. Đorđe BUBALO, Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

Editorial Board Members:

Dr. Aleksandra NOVAKOV, research associate, Matica Srpska, Novi Sad;
Prof. Dr. Mira RADOJEVIĆ, corresponding member of The SASA; The Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University in Belgrade, Belgrade;
Dr. Srđan RUDIĆ, senior research associate, Institute of History, Belgrade;
Dr. Aleksandar FOTIĆ, expert associate, Institute of History, Belgrade;
Prof. Dr. Đura HARDI, Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad;
Dr. Nebojša ŠULETIĆ, Institute for Balkan Studies, SASA, Belgrade.

Foreign members of the Editorial Board:

Prof. Dr. Gabor AGOŠTON, Georgetown University, Washington, The United States of America;
Dr. Maksim Jurjevič ANISIMOV, senior research associate, Institute for the History of Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia;
Prof. Dr.  Rositsa Stefanova GRADEVA, American University, Sofia; Institute for the Balkan Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria;
Dr. Ivan LAKOVIĆ, research associate, Department for the General History, University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro.

Editorial Board Secretary:

Vladimir M. NIKOLIĆ, expert associate, Matica Srpska, Novi Sad

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The Management Board of Matica Srpska passed a resolution on publishing the Journal of Classical Studies of Matica Srpska (Zbornik Matice srpske za klasične studije) at its 4th meeting on the 11th of March 1996.

The Journal focuses on studying the classical antiquities in all aspects. The classical period is the core of European civilization and culture, and our country and the Serbian people are an integral part of that cultural area of the classical era. Many achievements of the classical period in culture, philosophy and science, languages, literature, history, art and material culture were handed down to future European and other nations by the Ancient Balkans. As stated by our leading authority on the Balkans of the classical period, Academician Milan Budimir, the Balkan Slavs as well as all other citizens of former Yugoslavia had strong ties with the culture of the classical period, its location as well as representatives of the era.

“That antique influence and classical heritage, as well as the heritage and reception of the classical period in the Serbian nation are least mentioned in the world. Thus the primary objective of the journal is the contribution to the promotion of our classical science abroad. To this end are the contributions of colleagues from Europe, Russia, the USA, Canada and India published in our journal.”

The Journal is to cover critical acclamation and presentation of works of our scientists and authors dealing with classical topics. This is the reason why the reception of Hellenic philosophy, literature, art and culture, both Greek and Roman, in Serbian tradition will be one of the major topics. Comparative research of religion and myth along with theoretical definition of this sphere are further interests of our international partners, including law and natural sciences of the classical period.

Apart from original research studies and articles on classical topics, the Journal publishes proceedings from scientific conferences on the classical period in our country and abroad, relations with the Orient, classical heritage in Byzantium, interrelations with the Slavic World and Serbian language and culture.

The Journal also features permanent sections like Hronika naučnog života (the Chronicle of Scientific Life), Projekti (Projects), Vesti iz sveta (News from the World), Nekrolozi (Necrologies) and so forth.

Special attention is devoted in the Journal to scientific criticism and presentation of new books and studies published in our country as well as abroad, thus publications of the most important publishers have been provided.

We would like to point out that this Journal is the only one of its kind and has appeared rather late, bearing in mind that the Yugoslav journal on classical topics was lost with the secession of former Yugoslav republics. Precious support to our Journal was given by the International Federation of the Societies of Classical Studies FIEC at its General Assembly on the 20th of August 1999, in Kavala (Greece), when the president of FIEC, Academician Carl Joachim Classen, member of Matica Srpska, publicly supported the publishing of the Journal of Classical Studies and invited colleagues to cooperate with the Journal. We would like to emphasize that FIEC is one of thirteen UNESCO associations for social sciences. Papers from our Journal enter the leading bibliographical publication in the world in this field L’Année Philologique.

The Journal is edited by an international editorial board comprised of the most esteemed scientists at home and abroad.

Editorial board of the Journal of Classical Studies Matica Srpska:

Professor Ksenija Maricki Gadjanski, Editor-in-Chief
Professor  Sima Avramović (Belgrade), PhD
Professor Victor Castellani (Denver), PhD
Professor Milan. S. Dimitrijević (Belgrade), PhD
Professor Snežana Ferjančić (Belgrade), PhD – secretary
Professor Bharat Gupt (Delhi), PhD
Professor Mark J. Nyvlt (Ottawa), PhD
Professor Mirko Obradović (Belgrade), PhD
Professor Kurt Raaflaub (Brown University), PhD
Professor Livio Rosetti (Perugia), PhD
Professor Danijela Stefanović (Belgrade), PhD
Professor Mirjana D. Stefanović (Novi Sad), PhD
Professor Bojana Šijački Manević (Belgrade), PhD
Professor Rastko Vasić (Belgrade), PhD


Associate: Milena Kulić
Telephones: 021 622-726 and 021 420-199 extension 132

Address of the Editorial Board:
Matica srpska
Editorial board of the Journal of Classical Studies Matica Srpska
21000 Novi Sad Matice srpske 1


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Matica Srpska Social Sciences Quarterly publishes scientific articles and treatises from the field of social and humanistic sciences: philosophy, economy, demography, pedagogy, psychology, historiography, law, religion et cetera. The papers are classified according to the following categories: monograph study, original scientific paper, review scientific paper, scientific critique and polemics, scientific bibliography, chronicle.  Apart from this, the journal publishes contributions such as retrospection, review and report from the scientific life and publishing. The journal was initiated in 1950. Up to the 10th notebook (1955) it had been entitled Scientific proceedings: a series of social sciences; from the notebook number 11 (1956) it was published under the title Proceedings of Social Sciences, and from the notebook 76 (1984) under the current title – Matica Srpska Social Sciences Quarterly. So far, the editors-in-chief have been as follows: Dr. Miloš Jovanović (1950), Živojin Boškov (1951–1952), Rajko Nikolić (1953–1965), academician Slavko Gavrilović (1966–1969), Dr. Aleksandar Magarašević (1970–1973), Dr. Mladen Stojanov (1974–1999), Dr. Milovan Mitrović (2000–2004), academician Časlav Ocić (2005–2016), Dr. Rajko Bukvić (2017–2019) and Dr. Milomir Stepić (2020–). The editorial board is comprised of domestic and foreign members. Within the Quarterly, there acts a Council.

The journal is issued four times a year. It was categorized an M24 journal in 2020, within the framework of the scientific journals published by the Republic of Serbia (referred to in the Web of Science and in the Journal Citation Report – JCR). Matica Srpska Social Sciences Quarterly is available in the open-access regime on the Quarterly’s site: []. ISSN [0352-5732]; еISSN [2406-0836];



Prof.Dr Milomir STEPIĆ, principal research fellow, Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade

Editorial Board Members

Prof. Dr. Daniela ARSENOVIĆ, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences, Novi Sad;
Prof. Dr. Boško I. BOJOVIĆ, University of Social Sciences, Paris (France);
Prof. Dr. Milan BRDAR, principal research fellow, Belgrade;
Dr. Dušan DOSTANIĆ, research associate, Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade;
Prof. Dr. Costas DOUSINAS, University “Birckbeck”, Institute for the humanities, London (Great Britain); University of Athens (Greece);
Dr. Miša ĐURKOVIĆ, research associate, Institute of European Studies, Belgrade;
Prof. Dr. Đorđe IGNJATOVIĆ, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, Belgrade;
Prof. Dr. Miloš KOVIĆ, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade;
Academician Milica KOSTIĆ, Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts, Podgorica, Montenegro;
Prof. Mitko KOTOVČEVSKI, University “St. Kiril and Metodij”, Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje, North Macedonia;
Prof. Dr. Jovana MILUTINOVIĆ, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad;
Prof. Dr. Milovan MITROVIĆ, Matica Srpska, Novi Sad; Belgrade;
Prof. Dr.  Dejan MIHAILOVIĆ, Institute of Technology, Mexico City, Mexico;
Dr. Drago NJEGOVAN, museum counselor, Novi Sad;
Dr. Aleksandra PAVIĆEVIĆ, research associate, The Institute of Ethnography, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade;
Prof. Dr.  Ranka PERIĆ-ROMIĆ, University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Political Studies, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina;
Prof. Dr. HUANG Ping, Institute for American Studies; Centre of World Politics (Chinese Academy of Sciences and Arts), Beijing, China;
Prof. Dr. Branislav RISTIVOJEVIĆ, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law, Novi Sad;
Prof. Dr. Srđan ŠLJUKIĆ, Matica Srpska; University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad


Editorial Board Secretary
Vladimir M. NIKOLIĆ, expert associate at the Departments of Sciences and Social sciences. Matica Srpska




Academician Časlav OCIĆ, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade; 


Prof. Dr. Masayuki IWATA, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (foreign member), Belgrade; Tokyo, Japan;
Prof. Dr. Aleksandar JOKIĆ, Portland State University, Department of Philosophy, Portland, United States of America;
Prof. Dr. Ljubomirka KRKLJUŠ, Matica Srpska, Novi Sad;
Prof. Dr. Peter RADAN, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia;
Prof. Bogoljub ŠIJAKOVIĆ, University of Belgade, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Belgrade



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((CIP 78+792(082), ISSN 0352-9738, COBISS.SR-ID 16339202) established in 1987 as a periodical mainly focusing on historical, esthetical and theoretical study of theater arts and music. Only original scientific papers are published in the following fields: theatrology, musicology and ethnomusicology. Special attention is devoted to issues related to the development of these forms of art in South East and Central Europe, predominantly in the culture of Serbs and other nations in the region related through culture. All papers are evaluated by two, or should such necessity arise more than two, reviewers. The Journal is printed in Serbian Cyrillic alphabet with a summary in English. Manuscripts sent by the authors in one of the world languages are printed in the original language with a longer summary in Serbian. The Journal is organized in three sections: 1 scientific study, 2 new archival materials, memoir contributions, 3 reviews and necrologies. The first two sections of the Journal include abstracts, keywords, summaries in the language chosen by the author, and all published texts have a UDC number of the international bibliographical classification. The Journal is published regularly, biannually in the volume of 25 signatures. Each volume includes a name index and by exchange reaches approximately 100 libraries in the world.

The Editorial Board of the Matica Srpska Journal of Stage Arts and Music:

Katarina Tomašević,PhD, Editor-in-Chief (Musicological Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade)
Živko Popović, PhD, Deputy Editor-in-Chief (University of Novi Sad, Academy of Arts)
Mirjana Veselinović Hofman, PhD (University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music Arts )
Zoran Đerić, PhD Serbian National Theatre (University of Banja Luka, Academy of Arts
Katalin Kaič, PhD (University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy)
Zoran Maksimović, PhD Theatre Museum of Vojvodina
Ivana Perković, PhD (University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music Arts)
Ira Prodanov, PhD (University of Novi Sad, Academy of Arts)
Jernej Weiss, PhD (Slovenia)(University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Philosophy)
Jadwiga Sobczak PhD (Poland)(University of Lodz, Department of Slavic Languages)


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no.30-31, year 2004.
no.28-29, year 2003.

Special Editions

2. Др Божидар Ковачек, др Петар Марјановић, др Душан Михаиловић, Др Душан Рњак, О ТЕАТАРСКОМ ДЕЛУ ЈОАКИМА ВУЈИЋА, 1988, 152.
3. Др Миленко Мисаиловић, ТРАГЕДИЈА ВЛАСТИ И ВЛАДАЊА, Значења Софоклове трагедије ЦАР ЕДИП, 1988, 368.
4. Зборник радова, АНТИЧКИ ТЕАТАР НА ТЛУ ЈУГОСЛАВИЈЕ, 1989, 188.
5. Др Мирјана Веселиновић, УМЕТНОСТ И ИЗВАН ЊЕ, Поетика и стваралаштво Владана Радовановића, 1991. 224.
6. Корнелије Станковић, СРПСКО НАРОДНО ЦРКВЕНО ПОЈАЊЕ (Три књиге, 1,2,3, фототипско издаwе. Приредила др Даница Петровић) суиздавач: Српска академије наука и уметности, 1994, 150.
7. Др Зоран Т. Јовановић, НАРОДНО ПОЗОРИШТЕ ДУНАВСКЕ БАНОВИНЕ, суиздавач: Музеј позоришне уметности Србије, 1996, 588.
9. Др Мирјана Веселиновић, ФРАГМЕНТИ О МУЗИЧКОЈ ПОСТМОДЕРНИ, 1997, 188.
10. Др Петар Марјановић, СРПСКИ ДРАМСКИ ПИСЦИ XX СТОЛЕЋА, суиздавачи: Факултет драмских уметности, Београд, Академија уметности, Нови Сад, 1997, 356.
11. Мр Ана Матовић, БЕЋАРАЦ У ВОЈВОДИНИ, 1998, 164.
12. Др Јадвига Сопчак (Јаdwiga Sоbczak), ПОЉСКА АВАНГАРДНА ДРАМА У ЈУГОСЛАВИЈИ (1945-1990), 2001, 462.
13. Др Душан Рњак, РЕДИТЕЉСКЕ КЊИГЕ ЈОЦЕ САВИЋА, 2001, 230.
14. Драгољуб ─ Драган Шобајић, ДУШАН ТРБОЈЕВИЋ, портрет уметника, 2003, 137.
15. Др Зоран Јовановић, НАРОДНО ПОЗОРИШТЕ КРАЉ АЛЕКСАНДАР 1 У СКОПЉУ (1913-1941), 2005, Мирослав Мики Радоњић, СТЕРИЈА У ОГЛЕДАЛУ 20. ВЕКА , суиздавач: Позоришни музеј Војводине, 2006, 142 стр.
17. Сава Илић (Јелена Јовановић, приредила) МУЗИЧКО НАСЛЕЂЕ СРБА, ШОКАЦА И КАРАШЕВАЦА У РУМУНИИЈИ. 2006.
18. Мр Драгана Јеремић Молнар,  СРПСКА КЛАВИРСКА МУЗИКА У ДОБА РОМАНТИЗМА (1841- 1914) , 2007
19. Др Нице Фрациле, МУЗИЧКА ТРАДИЦИЈА СРБА У ВОЈВОДИНИ, Антологија, Избор 1., 2007
20. Зборник радова ВАГНЕРОВ СПИС ОПЕРА И ДРАМА ДАНАС, 2007
24. Биљана Миланковић (приредила): Миленко Пауновић, ПРВА ЈУГОСЛОВЕНСКА СИМФОНИЈА – НА ЛИПАРУ, партитура, 2009.
27. Миодраг А. Васиљевић, НАРОДНЕ ПЕСМЕ ИЗ ВОЈВОДИНЕ. Приредио проф. др Драгослав Девић. 2009.
28.  Др Даница Петровић, (приређивач), Православно српско црквено пјеније по старом карловачком начину удесио Тихомир Остојић.. Издавач је Матица српска у сарадњи са Музиколошким институтом САНУ, 2010
29.  Др Весна О. Марковић, Плетенице стилских фигура у омилијама Св. Јована Златоустог. 2010
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(CIP 75(082), ISSN 0352-6844 / UDK 7 (05) COBISS.SR-ID 16491778) The Department of Fine Arts was founded at the assembly meeting of Matica Srpska on the 31st of March 1963. All important events from the history of Serbian art as a whole have been the focus of the overall plan of the Department since the beginning. The publication Matica Srpska Journal of Fine Arts was established at the first meeting of the Board of the Department on the 26th of April 1963. Academician Dejan Medaković was named first Editor in Chief (1963-2000), and he edited the first 30 volumes of the Journal with his associates. Volumes 33-35 were edited by Academician Dinko Davidov. In 2006 a new editorial board was formed: Editor in Chief, Professor Aleksandar Kadijević, PhD, Members of the Editorial Board: Professor Miodrag Marković, PhD, Professor Lidija Merenik, PhD, Professor Nenad Makuljević, PhD, and Professor Kokan Grchev (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia). In 2011 the editorial board received two additional, international, highly esteemed members: Professor Rudolf Klein, PhD and Professor Bissera Pentcheva, PhD and four more members since 2012, Professor Ivan Stevović, PhD, Professor Aleksandar Ignjatović, PhD, Professor Srđan Marković, PhD and Associate Professor Dragan Damjanović, PhD (Zagreb, Croatia). The concept of the Journal, basically, is to form an arch from content extending from our medieval to contemporary and now even digital art. This means that it is neither bound by territory nor chronology. The Journal is open to authors of different scientific interests, associates in Serbia and in centers on the territory of former Yugoslavia, as well as to ones abroad. The Journal is contacted by a growing number of much esteemed associates from abroad. The Journal welcomes younger associates as well, who are given the opportunity to have their first scientific works published in the journal. The content of the Journal is organized in two sections; the first publishes articles, treatises and contributions while the second publishes reviews. When establishing the Contents of the Journal, texts are ordered chronologically depending on the topics the associates cover. Articles, treatises and contributions have abstracts, key words and summaries in foreign languages, in accordance with the authors’ decision, and a UDC number of the international bibliographical classification. The Journal is published once a year in a volume of 50 signatures. Every volume includes a name index and a geographical index and, through exchange, reaches approximately 100 libraries in the world. Matica Srpska Journal of Fine Arts since of March 29, 2016 is indexed on ERIH PLUS list of magazines (European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences), that, with it’s high sistem of valuation and strict criteria, gathers most respectable European magazines in the field of social-humanistic sciences.

The Editorial Board of the Matica Srpska Journal of Fine arts (named at a meeting of the Management Board on the 11th of May 2015):

ALEKSANDAR KADIJEVIĆ, editor in chief (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)

KOKAN GRCHEV (University American College Skopje)
NENAD MAKULjEVIĆ (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)
MIODRAG MARKOVIĆ (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)
LIDIJA MERENIK (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)
IVAN STEVOVIĆ (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy)
RUDOLF KLEIN (Szent István University, Budapest)
BISSERA PENTCHEVA (Stanford University, USA)
ALEKSANDAR IGNJATOVIĆ (University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture)
SRĐAN MARKOVIĆ (University of Nish – Faculty of Arts)
DRAGAN DAMJANOVIĆ (University of Zagreb – Faculty of Philosophy)


no.48, year 2020.
no.47, year 2019.
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no.42, year 2014.
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no.36, year 2008.

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